Hanu Reddy Mangoes takes pride in producing some of the sweetest and most delicious mangoes that Chennai has ever tasted. We have been growing mangoes in our orchards in Tamil Nadu and Andhra over the last 60 Years. We allow the fruit to mature fully on the trees before they are harvested without using harmful chemicals to artificially ripen them. This sets them leagues apart from the ones that are available in the market.


It is that time of year again! Hanu Reddy Mangoes is pleased to inform you that our mango farm near Allur Village, Nellore District, AP is now available for lease for the year 2019-2020. Our 180 acre mango orchard has Banganapalli, Imam Pasand and Totapuri mangoes amongst other varieties. Hanu Reddy Mangoes produces high quality fruit that are suitable for export markets such as Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, etc. Kindly refer our farm to any interested parties.

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The Great Mango Festival 2019

A grand celebration of the King of Fruit with activities, events and mouthwatering food was lined up on our farm last summer. Farm life was the theme of the day, with ploughing, planting, traditional games, pottery and bullock cart rides for an authentic experience. Take a look at the fun and be sure to join us next year!

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We grow some of the finest Banganapalli Mangoes in our orchards. This variety is the most sought after and is called the King of Mangoes. It is a household favourite because of its sweet taste and is comparatively less fibrous.

Our Orchards

Our farms are located near Nellore, Andhra Pradesh and Chennai, Tamil Nadu. They are well maintained with horticultural practices that keep our crops thriving. The original saplings were brought into our farms from Kadiam in Andhra Pradesh, several decades ago. Our extensive mango orchards have had consistently large yields every year.

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