Hanu Reddy Mangoes takes pride in producing some of the sweetest and most delicious mangoes that Chennai has ever tasted. We have been growing mangoes in our orchards in Tamil Nadu and Andhra over the last 60 Years. We allow the fruit to mature fully on the trees before they are harvested without using harmful chemicals to artificially ripen them. This sets them leagues apart from the ones that are available in the market.


We grow some of the finest Banganapalli Mangoes in our orchards. This variety is the most sought after and is called the King of Mangoes. It is a household favourite because of its sweet taste and is comparatively less fibrous.

Our Orchards

Our farms are located near Nellore, Andhra Pradesh and Chennai, Tamil Nadu. They are well maintained with horticultural practices that keep our crops thriving. The original saplings were brought into our farms from Kadiam in Andhra Pradesh, several decades ago. Our extensive mango orchards have had consistently large yields every year.

Hanu Reddy Mango Tourism

June 2018 • Chennai

We are happy to announce the launch of Hanu Reddy Mango Tourism which will commence this Mango Season, June 2018 in Chennai. India produces over forty percent of the world's finest mangoes. As a family, we have been cultivating mangoes for over sixty years. We are blessed with orchards that produce some of the tastiest mangoes and several hundred thousand of these delicious varieties have been distributed over the years. We would like to expand this operation globally and invite people to Chennai to experience this annual phenomenon. Every street corner is buzzing with stalls selling mangoes and the air is filled with its delightful fragrance. Come to Chennai with your loved ones and take part in this extravaganza. This experience rivals tasting champagne in France, tulips in Denmark or Cherry blossoms in Japan. Come stay at Hanu Reddy Residences and check this item of your bucket list.


Relish the different varieties of Naturally Ripened Mangoes.


We are whipping up exciting mango dishes from soups to desserts!


Visit our orchards and pluck mangoes straight off the trees!

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Our farm fresh, naturally ripened mangoes will be arriving on June 1st. Limited stock will be available for bulk orders. They will also be sold at various retail outlets located across Chennai. Door delivery available for residents of Chennai, charges apply. Please feel free to call us for further details!

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